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Arab world faces worsening water crisis: report
(Reuters) - The Arab world, one of the driest regions on the planet, will tip into severe water scarcity as early as 2015, a report issued on Thursday predicts.
Arab Water Apocalypse, Now
"Water Apocalypse, Now" is the title that Najib Saab, secretary general of the Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED), chose for his recent analysis on regional water stress, in an attempt to wake up Arab regimes to the imminent water crisis their people are about to face. Saab is not however the sole horseman of such an apocalypse.
Nuclear Power in the Arab World
Egypt and the United Arab Emirates have started constructing nuclear power stations for peaceful power generation purposes; other countries are keen to follow suit. In doing so, they are ignoring the risks associated with nuclear technology. Environmentalists and energy experts are warning about the possible environmental and security consequences.
Success Story in the Midst of Failures
Najib Saab
Cairo, May 2007

In the midst of doomsday scenarios, we meet today to celebrate a success story. To many journalists, good news might not be as appealing as the warning superlatives which caught the headlines over the past decade or so

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Arab Environment in 10 Years
ARAB ENVIRONMENT IN 10 YEARS crowns a decade of the series of annual reports produced by the Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED) on the state of Arab environment. It tracks and analyzes changes focusing on policies and governance, including level of response and engagement in international environmental treaties. It also highlights developments in six selected priority areas, namely water, energy, air, food, green economy and environmental scientific research.
Environmental Agenda
Environment in Arab Media
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