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Arab Environment: Future Challenges 2008
Report of the Arab Forum for Environment and Development
(2008) For the first time, a comprehensive independent expert report on Arab environment is released for public debate. Entitled Arab Environment: Future Challenges, this ground-breaking report has been commissioned by Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED), and written by some of the most prominent Arab experts, including authors, researchers and reviewers. Beyond appraising the state of the environment, based on the most recent data, the policy-oriented report also evaluates the progress towards the realization of sustainable development targets, assesses current policies and examines Arab contribution to global environmental endeavors. Ultimately, the report proposes alternative policies and remedial action.
Environmental Agenda
Environmental Agenda (Arabic), Beirut (2006)
Nature Book
(2002) This is a most welcome publication that describes, in brief notes and rich photography, examples of biodiversity, notable sites and programmes of nature conservation in various Arab countries. It shows that what appears to be a vast desolate desert embraces sites of beautiful habitats and wonderful biota. Assembling a selection of the best photo features published in Al-Bia Wal-Tanmia (Environment & Development magazine), its editor-in-Chief, Najib Saab, has produced a beautiful book, which is a colourful invitation to discover Arab nature in a fresh perspective.
Arab Environmentalists, Unite!
Arab Environmentalists, Unite! (Arabic), Beirut (2001)

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Arab Environment in 10 Years
ARAB ENVIRONMENT IN 10 YEARS crowns a decade of the series of annual reports produced by the Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED) on the state of Arab environment. It tracks and analyzes changes focusing on policies and governance, including level of response and engagement in international environmental treaties. It also highlights developments in six selected priority areas, namely water, energy, air, food, green economy and environmental scientific research.
Environmental Agenda
Environment in Arab Media
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